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15 February 2012 @ 03:48 pm

Just Stay Close To Us

Title: Just Stay Close To Us
Author: mae_marvelous
Rating: pg-13 maybe…
Genre: angst, friendship, comfort, romance, femslash
Fandom: Swingtown
Characters: Trina Decker, Susan Miller, and Janet Thompson
Summary: Janet doesn’t want to be underestimated by Trina or Susan, and Trina discovers why Janet snagged a hunk like Roger.
Notes: This takes place between two scenes during Swingtown’s ninth episode. Basically in my head it’s pretty much close to canon, or at least it could have happened. Spoilers for up to episode nine, I guess. Although, can I just point out that if this happened, then that means Janet has kissed both of the Deckers. Mmmm I wish. P.S. this was sort of based on a prompt from mssjade25 on Tumblr who wanted some Trina, Susan, and Janet. This is where that took me. I hope you all like it.

18 February 2009 @ 01:57 pm
"Swingtown" will close out the Paley Festival this year on April 24th with it's full season run, an after-party, and various cast members. Mike and Alan are scheduled so far for the Q&A. There will be 14 TV series all together viewed.

This gives the show a big boost and proves it has NOT been forgotten even though off the schedule. Can there still be hope?



If anybody is remotely interested.

Individual tickets for the packages, "Swingtown" is with Package C costs $750 per person.
13 February 2009 @ 08:14 pm
I've been working on this for the past two weeks. A little time consuming but not too bad.

Needed for Puzzlerama:

8 chip colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown
72 chips 9 of each (one set for bonus round)
16 question necklaces for participants
Set of 9 questions

Release YOUR secrets!
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06 February 2009 @ 10:08 pm
Okay, so our little show has been yanked by the stodgy Tiffany Network. That doesn’t mean we stop fighting. Along the way a fan (hippygrl) came up with an idea. How about a “Swingtown” convention? Not at all to be confused with a swingers party. This would be our way of paying homage to the show we know and love. 70’s theme of course! Maybe even Pigs In A Pickle or some Rosey Perfection Salad. A game of Puzzlerama if you’re up for it? Lots and lots of classic tunes spinning and yes, to cap off the night we can even have a sing-along to “Take It To The Limit.” So far we’ve looked at some options. Banquets seem to be tough for any kind of theme unless you’re willing to fork over a lot of dough.

One of the places that might be decent is a new hotel in Chicago called aLoft. It’s directly linked to O’Hare Airport and rooms are under $200. The decor is IKEA chic meets 1976 modern that could rival Fontaine Beauchamp’s lovely touches on the gorgeous Decker home.


If absolutely anybody wants to join in or suggest anything, (venues, possible sponsors, any connections, etc.) or say if it’s worth it or not then please go ahead. Love to get your feedback. This IS for the fans. If anything else should come along with it, then that’s a bonus. Nobody is saying exactly if there would be any special guests. It all depends on how far we can take this and make it a reality.

Grab a Tab and hop on over to:


Check out to see what kind of ideas we’ve been toying with!

Now, please before you get all excited remember this is only a consensus. Nothing for sure...yet. No matter how vocal of a fan I am of this show, I am no way the one responsible for this idea. I'm only the messenger.


(not ready to give it up for love)
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26 January 2009 @ 12:49 pm
This community keeps on growing and growing.
Do check it out. There had been some 5,087 people who were members when CBS pulled the shag rug on it. Since then, 338 more people have joined. Pretty good company too. Both Lana Parrilla and Alan Poul hang around there.


(you must be a member to view it)

(not ready to give it up for love)
14 January 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Tell Bravo you want more of "Swingtown." The re-airings did very well for them already.

Bravo Network
3000 W Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505

Come on! Let's not give it up!
07 January 2009 @ 06:01 pm
Especially if this new show takes off and gets nominated.

[i]Screenwriter Richard LaGravenese is developing a new project with Showtime about an open marriage, reports Variety. The drama is about a suburban couple "who get mixed results when they try to spice things up by meeting new friends."

LaGravenese, whose credits as a writer include The Fisher King and The Ref , has also directed films like Freedom Writers and P.S. I Love You. If the Showtime project goes to pilot, he will also direct it, in addition to serving as an executive producer.

Last summer, CBS's series Swingtown focused on open marriage in the 1970s. Many, myself included, felt it would have more naturally been at home on a cable channel like Showtime or HBO, given the racy topic and the limitations on what can be said or shown on network TV.[/i]

CBS will roll out another batch of crime shows and spin-offs while cable will garner more attention and more awards. That will be two down, one to go. Just waiting for something similar of "Jericho" for cable to get. Hey, remember CBS dumped "Moonlight" (about vampire) and HBO acquired "True Blood" with nominations already!

Mwahahahahahahahahah!!! CBS alienates one cancellation at a time. Serves them right! :D

::who can't stop laughing at CBS's expense::
06 January 2009 @ 10:41 pm
News comes from the saveswingtown site that an insider has said that all of the contracts are all gone. No resolve for renewel from CBS despite them not announcing the official big C word (cancellation). It is done for good and time to move on. I personally have more hatred in my heart for CBS at this moment than all of the "Moonlight" fans combined. No wonder Carol Barbee couldn't say anything about "Swingtown" and instead said she was still trying to find a way to allow "Jericho" to continue.

Nina Tassler and CBS can no longer hold this above our heads.
No matter how well the DVD box set did, it was never enough.
Nielsen families dictate what we watch and they have no room for a show like "Swingtown."
CBS doesn't have enough room for "Swingtown."
We welcomed this show in our minds and hearts and will forever cherish the memories brought to us from Mike Kelley and Alan Poul (love you guys for it).

My sincerest hope is that CBS forever continues to only create cookie-cutter crime shows. They don't need buzz, accolades or awards. They are in love with their #1 status and Nielsen families. They should be satisfied by that alone while every other network continues to create innovative, fresh, and original shows that garner a sizable amount of fans believing in quality over quantity. We can rejoice in favorite programs that were short like "Pushing Daisies." Despite its short life, it won three Emmys and numerous other awards that CBS only dreams of ever attaining. Victory is sweet.

Molly Parker will go back to being a brunette.
Miriam Shor can now return to theater full-time.
Jack Davenport is allowed to go on to "Flash Forward"
Grant Show can continue his run in "Private Practice"
Brittany Robertson will be the lead in "Light Years"
Michael Rady can go back to "Greek"

Everybody else can be picked up for projects of their liking or what ever suits their fancy.

I will now turn my attention to ABC and NBC. Yes. Even Jay Leno at 10PM. Screw you CBS and your #1 rated crime and blood programming. I'm just glad we all finally have closure. That is all we ever asked for.

Bravo to - Grant, Lana, Jack, Molly, Miriam, Josh, Michael, Shanna, Brittany, Aaron, Nick, Kate, for their excellent portrayals of these characters and their trials and tribulations with the changing times. Mike Kelley for his grand vision. Alan Poul for sharing Mike's vision and some great props! Carol Barbee for hanging on and enjoying the ride. All of those who made the backdrops and stunning houses so much a part of us to be envious of and all of the sound and camera people who added all the right filters.

A huge thank you.

Give it up!
Give it up!

06 January 2009 @ 12:42 am
It's now past January 1st. I'm sure all of the cast has already been released from their contracts. So? Where is the official word from CBS? Come on! You've dragged your feet for months at a time. This is like five months of constipation on their part. Just get it out! How is it that "Moonlight," "Jericho," and other beloved favorites could get their closure from the broadcast station that shows nothing but blood, crime, and repetitive forensics so quickly. "Swingtown" fans are left to dangle day in and day out.

Take for instance I just found an archive for Blog Talk Radio with Shaun O'Mac from 12/23. It said that executive producer Carol Barbee had a special message. So, what does good ol' Shaun do? Play the them song we all know by heart by one Liz Phair. Not once throughout the show but twice! What does that mean? Apparently nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Barbee had a message about "Jericho." Nothing about "Swingtown." Come on! Now Barbee is going to torment us?

For God's sakes just tell us it is over instead of the guesswork made by everybody. "It's such a shame it's been cancelled." How about, "Well CBS hasn't made anything official yet." Then there is "The First Season should have been called the Complete Series." Can anybody make up their mind? CBS released a glowing press release for the DVD box set the same day it came out. Well? That was December 9th. It's almost a full month since. On top of that we have the pilot for ABC's "Flash Forward" with Jack Davenport (who plays Bruce Miller) about to be filmed next month. Other actors are said to have been taking roles in the meantime. Why hasn't CBS said anything yet? The glowing reviews keep coming up. People Magazine had "Swingtown" as one of their top 10 shows listed. The Golden Globe nominations have come and gone. Apparently CBS was banking on something to speed up the process of renewel. Stop sending errand boy Grant Show to say, "It's done. CBS viewers got scared away." If he's going to "Private Practice" then say it.

Look. All we want is closure. This is just tiresome. I personally am waiting to cancel my membership on the CBS board. It takes one word to get me to quit. I will raise my white flag. Give up and move to the next show. I wrote to Ms. Tassler twice. As if she'll even get fan mail. Fat chance! I told her the same message of "WHAT IS THE ANSWER???" We'll take the memories we have of this show and mark it as too soon gone. We get the picture. CBS only wants repeats of their crime shows and reality fodder for the Summer.

Just an official word is all it takes. Quit teasing!


::nearly about to let white flag drop from waving so much::
As we await word on our favorite show's fate, picking the proverbial loves-me-loves-me-not of daisies there is some good to cheer about "Swingtown."
Bravo has aired the first season for the second time today. Loyal Swingtown fan, Julie reported to [url]http://saveswingtown.myfreeforum.org/[/url] with this bit of news.

[i]"Our first re-airing of "Swingtown" proved to be a ratings hit on our network. While looking at the ratings, we felt that it was better to only air the show in marathon format. Watch out for our next "Swingtown" marathon in a few weeks."[/i]

Thanks Julie! Give it up for love!